Combining the talent and experience of our machinists with advanced programming software and multi-axis machining technology allows us to produce complex components to close tolerances very efficiently.
Your engineers are pushing for tighter tolerances and more predictable results. Purchasing departments demand lower prices for better devices. Your technology constantly evolves to meet both sets of demands. As does ours. At BOB Mfg., count on the latest equipment and techniques to ensure components we manufacture will meet the strict criteria you set.

Some of our manufacturing technology includes:

  • GibbsCAM Programming Software (with Solid Model Importing)
  • SwissCam Partmaker Programming Software
  • CNC/CMM with CAD File Importing Capability
  • Automated Video Measurement and Touch Probe System
  • DNC Software for Program Storage and Transfer
  • Gage Tracking and Calibration Software
  • Optical Measurement Systems
  • Digital Profilometers and Comparitors
  • Automated Data Collection Software

Our GibbsCAM programming software can create ultra-efficient tool paths directly from solid model files supplied by customers. GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer uses the latest solid modeling technology, directly reading and machining the solids models of many different CAD systems. With the Cut Part Rendering feature we view the virtual tool path through animation and make any changes or adjustments prior to cutting chips. This saves time and eliminates costly material waste.

With GibbsCAM, we are able to import solids files from all major brands of CAD systems including those with file extensions: .dxf, .dwg, .igs, .prt, .step, .sldprt, .stl, .x_t, .xmt and others.

We utilize SwissCam Partmaker software to efficiently program our 20+ CNC Swiss machines that have capability up to 9 axis. Partmaker can import the following file types: X_T Parasolid, X_B Parasolid, SLDPRT Solidworks, IPT Autodesk, SLT, CADL, DXF

BOB Mfg. specializes in the complete Prototype to Production process, providing engineering and technical experience and assistance. When we prototype your part, we use our standard production equipment, ensuring your project is proven and ready for production as soon as you are.